La Fille d'O Stocksale 50% discount

16 Juni 2016 van 19u tot 21u

Voorstraat 44
3512 AP Utrecht

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After years of fun and playing around, it’s time for a new direction. We are saying goodbye to our current selection of la fille d'O treasures but will continue to carry a yet to be announced La Fille d’O classic.

Starting fresh start with a 50% discount on our complete La Fille d’O stock offering you, our true La Fille d’O lovers, a first run. We hereby invite you to come to our shop Thursday evening June 16th. You will have a first pick, while enjoying some cheeky tunes and bubbles.

If he promises not to peek without permission you can drop your man off at the front of the shop where will we create a special man cave.


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